Essay by:
Brittney Regier
Emporia State University

Safety, the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury or loss (Merriam-Webster). It is something that we, as Americans, greatly enjoy. We have gotten used to living in a country where we are safe. Our children are safe to play as they please, our families are safe and secure in their homes, our jobs are secure and always there. Sometimes, things are so safe that we tend to take them for grant it. We sometimes find ourselves taking for grant it that we have a job every day to go to, that it gets annoying to attend a nine-to-five five days a week. But not anymore. During these tough economic times, a recession, we find ourselves watching our children’s back, our families’ back, and mostly, fighting to keep a job.

How did we get this way? Some would say it’s that “black President” we have in office. Some Americans see it as his “fault,” since this is happening during his presidency. However, others have been watching this happen, our economy slide down the drain, like melted butter, for a couple of years. Why didn’t anyone stop it? Teachers are losing their jobs; our children are getting the “short end of the stick” with a quickly decreasing education budget pulling money from schools, which now have to scrape to make ends meet. People are sick, because they cannot afford going to the doctor, major construction projects are put on hold, forcing millions out of jobs. Unemployment rates are at an all time high, and continue to skyrocket into record-breaking record month after month.

What is our “historic” President doing about this? In my opinion, every single thing that he possibly can. Barack Obama, The United States’ first African American, historic, President, is fighting to pull the U.S. out of this recession, the worst since the Great Depression in the 1930’s, as fast as he can. Personally, I could not agree with him any more. He has given each state a Stimulus Package, which allows each individual state to embark on projects. Whether it be roadwork, like Kansas’ K-61 project or the betterment of communities, the Stimulus Package provides not only money for these things to happen, but jobs for those millions (8.5% of the U.S. Population in March 2009) of those out of work. In turn, those workers bring money into their homes, allowing them to pay bills, pay mortgage, buy groceries, and, possibly, enrich their children’s lives. This brings money back into communities and the money begins to circulate. This is fabulous. However, sometimes these things take times. The stars have to align perfectly. The weather has to cooperate, county governments all have to be on board, people have to be employed and consistent and responsible employees to build a roadway, for any major project to get off of the ground and running. It is fool proof, for the most part.

Sadly, as Americans in our “safe” communities, we have become extremely impatient. We expect the minute the President signs the Stimulus Bill that a check immediately gets sent to our respect State’s capitol, work begins immediately and the finish project is done in a few weeks. We get so blind sighted by our impatient mindsets, our impulse to have something constantly happening, that we fail to see the multiple positives of what will happen, when said stars are aligned. Our economy can and will be fine. We can and will be fine. It took time to get us into this mess, and it will take at least the same amount of time, if not more, to pull us through to where we are in our “safe state” once again.

What else could we do to continue to fix our depressed economy? First of all, fund education. What better investment is there than the future? If we continue to fund public schools, K-12, we are investing in the enriching of young minds and keeping each and every student’s futures brighter. As we educate them, bright ideas about fixing the future will culture, and the future of our great nation will be brighter. College institution prices may have to raise. If we raise the price of tuition, and force the institution to pay higher taxes, ultimately funding the government, we ensure the investment of the minds of our students will have a payback. They can get a good education, that may be a little more expensive than in the past, but yet have the guarantee of a good job when they have completed their time in their selected institution. Another key, is lowering the price of admission in to college when the government can float on its own. Once we pull our economy out of the gutter, we can slowly start to pull funding away from it, and it should be fine.

Another way to lower the national price of debt is to make Medicare for the elderly on a need-only basis. Not all elderly need all of the money in which they receive. Our nation’s elderly population is at an all time high, as baby boomers reach their mid 60’s to 80’s. By not providing them with so much free money, we can put that money back into the economy to fund other projects in medicine, such as finding a cure for cancer and the HIV/AIDS virus. We, essentially, save many more lives. And by not taking away all of the medical-help for the elderly, they still do get some help with medical expenses, however, only on a need-basis.

I believe our economy can and will pull out of the recession we find ourselves in today. We will be able to find our safe utopia that we once had. It may not be identical, but we will once again be safe. And no longer will we have to watch our children’s back, our families’ back, or fight to keep a job.

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Re: A New Definition of Safety

Very good essay! I agree, everyone is quick to blame everyone else including the president. He is doing everything he can. People need to take responsibility for themselves. I enjoyed reading your essay!
Taylor Raleigh

Re: A New Definition of Safety

I would have to agree with you that Americans take their lives for granted. We have it so well in this country and many people do not see that. I also agree that education is very important, not only in helping to solve our national debt problems, but just to make the world a better place in general. I also don't think that the president can fix this problem. He doesn't have a magic wand to wave around and then all of these issues are gone. It is going to take generations of Americans working together to find a solution.


Whitney Davis

Re: A New Definition of Safety

Your first pargraph really caught my attention. Your right, as Americans, we take alot of things for granit and one is our jobs. Now that we are in a recession, we think about how we have taken so much for granit. Good essay
-Jessie Ross

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