Essay by:
Jessica Lynn Elsen
Emporia State University

For reason of this paper, I am going to pretend I am an opinion columnist who is clearly. . . outspoken on this topic. I have a few ideas for ways in my “all-knowing” of how to reduce if not eliminate the national debt, but first I am going to speak my mind loud and clear. I do not know of a single person who tries to be in debt. People do not wake up one day and say to his or herself, “I wonder how deep into debt I can get today?” Society tends to look down on people who are in debt, so why is society not looking down on itself; America, who somehow managed to get into a massive debt, and yet brush it under the rug as “no big deal”. Oh America, you have a thing or two to learn—this debt, it IS a BIG deal! Hello, we owe countries money, money we borrowed, and money you are saying we can never pay back? How does that work? Are we not the land of the free and opportunity? How can we have opportunity if we do not have the money? How are we the richest country in the world, when we are so far in debt—you know the thing that shows we have no money? Oh yeah America, the national debt does not exactly bring pleasant thoughts to people’s minds. No, instead, it makes people cringe, grumble, and both utter and loudly proclaim negative thoughts. Debt, let alone national debt, is something that is not talked about, when in all actuality, the more attention that is brought to it, the better.

America, I understand you had your people’s best intentions in mind when you borrowed money, but do you not think that once you started falling behind in payments, or had to borrow more that that was a red flag to tell you to stop? Not your brightest idea America. Quite frankly, the debt this nation is in makes me ashamed to live here and call this land, this dirt under my feet my home. All that is there is lies and deceit. In all actuality, we are all homeless. We pay on homes with money we do not have. What about all the other goods we purchase as well—is that money as good as monopoly money?

America, you got us into this mess in World War II when you decided to trick your patrons into giving bonds so you would not have to pay them back. You are no better than the devil himself! He is full of lies, trickery, and deceit same as you. You made the patrons believe what they were giving was getting us out of the Great Depression, and while it helped, I wonder how much of it was still false beliefs. Were we really in a depression, or was it all a ploy by the government in which they created the situation, and then created a “solution” to get us out of the depression to make us feel better about ourselves?

America, you have two buildings called Mints where money is produced. Did you forget about those? Why not produce more money in order to fix your debt problem? Yes, that is right, I said “your”, not “our” because I did NOT have any part in this debt problem, oh no, that was all you—you can take the credit all for yourself. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know—inflation. Here is my question though; can you inflate money you do not have? It does not make sense to me how you can have patrons in your country earning money, while you yourself are in debt—you are the one that gives us money. Perhaps you are not in debt at all. Perhaps this is all a scheme of yours to scare your people and to encourage saving so that enough will be saved up for you to whisk it away again! I am too smart for that one America. You did not pull the wool over my eyes. I am going to spend my money so I can get money flowing through the economy—you are not taking my money from me!

Re: America, You Have a Thing or Two to Learn

Good Paper, very interesting! Printing more money isn't going to fix the problem. It is "our" problem becuase at some point most of us are going to be affected by these huge problems. We all have been apart of this debt build up- we enjoy many things everyday where money has been spent, contributing to the debt.

Re: America, You Have a Thing or Two to Learn

This essay was very well written and kept my attention the whole way through it was funny but had the facts. The intriguing questions made me laugh but also made me think. I dont think printing more money will fix things but it was a valid question. Also, we cant says its completely not or debt because some of the money was to help us and we did contribute to some of it. But i do agree that poor plaining on the governments part made it the huge number it is today. I loved the paper and even though some of the ideas were questionable the paper and content was well written.

Melissa LaFuria

Re: America, You Have a Thing or Two to Learn


You did a fantastic job comparing someone who is in debt and how they are perceived in society, which is negatively, to society itself, which has the same problem as millions of Americans, and yet, society dictates that it is okay to be in debt. It is a conundrum in itself--hypocrisy if you will.

Though a bit strong when you compared the United States to the devil, you do use nice evidence to support that, though I wouldn't go quite that far. Though from a financial standpoint, the U.S. may look bad, it has made many social strides in becoming one of the freest nations in the history of the world.

Anyway, nice work! :)

-Ryan Wilson

Re: America, You Have a Thing or Two to Learn

I really enjoying essay; it was very strong. You spoke your opinion, and I greatly admire you for that. You make several good points in your paper. I don't feel that I have necessarily contributed to this debt either, but unfortunately we could be the ones to suffer from it. It doesn't seem fair. Good job.

Aubrey Koeppe

Re: America, You Have a Thing or Two to Learn

I liked how you approached this essay. It was very interesting and easy to read. You made some good points throughout it some were extreme but you got my attention. Good job....Miranda Meyer

Re: America, You Have a Thing or Two to Learn

I admire that you stated your opinions very directly and confidently. I agree that America should have stopped spending when it started to fall behind, but as you stated earlier, our country had good intentions with the money. It might be a little harsh to use the word "devil" in relation to our country, but I agree that it can be hard to be proud of and support a country that didn't stop itself from becoming in debt. It's kinda embarassing. Anyways, your essay definitely captured my attention from beginning to end. I enjoyed reading your essay!

Toni Herman

Re: America, You Have a Thing or Two to Learn

Nice paper, you really spoke your opinion and spoke it hard and clear. Nice work.

Re: America, You Have a Thing or Two to Learn

I found your style of writing to be very entertaining, even if I disagreed with an idea or two. Great job making it interesting. :)

Re: America, You Have a Thing or Two to Learn

What a great essay to read, I especially liked the way you approached the topic. Your essay is full of facts and information. You have very strong opinions and you do a great job including evidence to support them. Your essay really had my attention and I enjoyed reading it.
Sara Ledy

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