There are a lot of elements to the nation's fiscal problems -- rising health care costs, the government's willingness to accept deficits as "normal," the fact that the government spends more in interest on the national debt than it does on Iraq. But most of these budget problems are slow-boiling worries. It's rare that you get an actual, obvious milestone.

But that's exactly what happened on New Year's Day, when a retired teacher from Maryland became the first baby boomer eligible for Social Security. That's not her fault, of course. Somebody has to be first in line. But there are 78 million more baby boomers behind her, and unless something changes, the Social Security system won't be able to cover those costs. Everybody in Washington knows this problem is coming. And everyone seems determined to worry about it later.

Sounds like a good time for a blog carnival.

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Re: The First Baby Boomer, Second Blog Carnival

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