What They're Not Telling You

Andrew Taylor at the Associated Press earned his pay today with this story, "Costly Campaign Vows Face Reality Check." It's today's must-read budget story, for the simple reason that it states the facts the candidates won't tell you: the b

Bittle and Johnson “Face Up to Nation’s Finances” on NPR today/Bill Moyers on Friday!

Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson, editors of Public Agenda Online and authors of the new book Where Does the Money Go?: Your Guided Tour to the Federal Budget Crisis will appear today (2/14) on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross and tomorrow (2/15) on PBS’s Bill Moyers Journal.  They'll be discussing their new book, the federal budget and s

Facing Up Blog Carnival: Social Security (Second Edition)

For this edition of the Facing Up Blog Carnival, we wanted to examine another budgetary issue that is not earning the mainstream media coverage it deserves: Social Security and the financial burden that the U.S. will incur when the Baby Boomers retire. With the first Boomer drawing a Social Security check more than one month ago, we have plenty to be concerned about.

The Third Rail

People in Washington who worry about Social Security’s long-term future often complain about mixed messages from the public. But when I talk to them I hear some mixed messages, too.


Budget Blogwatch: Bush's Budget

This week President Bush’s budget release has gained the attention of bloggers and journalists around the nation.  This is intense debate raging regarding cuts to various sectors, spending on national security and a number of other budget-related issues.  It should be noted that much of the blogosphere is leanin

$3 Trillion and Counting

The media previews of the president's budget request seem to have been mostly right: President Bush is proposing a $3 trillion budget with a $400 billion deficit, along with cuts to Medicare and Medicaid to control costs and offset increases in

Budget Blogwatch: Congressional Earmarks

Over at Government BYTES!

A Month of Medicare?

In the world of federal budget politics, February may end up being the month of Medicare. And not a moment too soon.

Blog carnival update

Just an update on our second blog carnival -- if you're interested, you've got more time. We're pushing the entry deadline back to Feb. 4. We've already got some great entires and we're looking forward to more. Thanks!

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