A Point of Pride

This story provides a useful reminder of an important fact of life in the budget world: lots of people in Congress are proud of their earmarks.

Earmark Reform, After All?

Looks like we've got an ethics bill, including provisions on making earmarks more transparent.


Kabuki, Anyone?

The new edition of the Concord Coalition's Facing Facts Quarterly is out and does a good job of putting all the current Washington budget posturing in perspective.

Blue Dog Days, and More

A couple of items worth noting:

The Tussle Over Nussle

The Senate Budget Committee is holding confirmation hearings today on Jim Nussle, President Bush's nominee to run the Office of Management and Budget.

More Fuel for the Fire

There are two developments in the news that are likely to feed into long-running debates:

Welcome to Nashville

President Bush is in Nashville today to talk about the federal budget, which works out pretty well, since the Facing Up partners have been talking about the budget there, too.

Earmarks of Mystery

While both politicians and watchdog groups are more upfront about earmarks than they used to be, there's still about $7.5 billion in Senate earmarks that nobody wants to fess up to, according to this story in The Hill.



Concord's Take on the Deficit Numbers

The Concord Coalition (one of the Facing Up partners) says the new, lower projection for the federal deficit "does not represent a fundamentally improved fiscal outlook.

Deficit Falls This Year, May Rise Again Next Year

The federal deficit is looking a little better this year, with the latest White House estimates projecting a $205 billion deficit for 2007, down from $248 billion in 2006.

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