Debt? What debt?

The USA Today editorial page says what needed to be said on the national debt and the presidential campaign.

Timing is Everything

Ignore the fact that the projected insolvency dates for Social Security and Medicare were pushed back a year yesterday.

The Pre-Tax Day Media Blitz

Tax Day is two days later than usual this year, thanks to a public holiday in the District of Columbia (and, indirectly, Abraham Lincoln).

How's the IRS holding up this tax season?

Not too badly, but still needs improvement, according to the GAO. (The link's a PDF file, by the way).


To AMT or not to AMT?

The New York Times says House Democrats are working on a permanent fix for the alternative minimum tax.

Enough about you - let's talk about me

Apparently one of the problems with being White House budget director is that you can't talk about the OMB budget without people asking you questions about everyone else's budget. OMB Director Rob Portman goes up to the Hill on Wednesday; if Congressional Quarterly is right the OMB appropriation will be

Earmark Database: It's a Start

The White House officially launched its database of congressional earmarks today. Anything that makes the budget process more transparent is a good thing, and this is a worthwhile start. But there are plenty of "buts" and "howevers" attached to the database.

What's in reserve?

The Los Angeles Times writes about the new budget buzzword in D.C.: "reserve funds." The Democrats say they're able to add new spending (within the pay-go rules) because they can tap these funds; the Republicans say the funds aren't actually there.

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