Why Big Government Stimulus Fails

Facing Up Budget Blog Carnival: Conn Carroll, The Heritage Foundation:

The Definition of Economic Insanity

Facing Up Budget Blog Carnival: Conn Carroll, The Heritage Foundation:

The Three Questions for the Public on the Federal Budget

It may sound like mindless optimism at the moment, but there are actually signs of hope for the federal budget. Those signs aren’t in the numbers themselves – the long-term fiscal projections are as bleak as ever.

Staring Down The $12 Trillion National Debt

The national debt and federal budget deficit affects all of us, by shaping the choices we face each day, but the younger you are, the greater the

Will Too Much Debt Fuel A Double-Dip Recession?

That was the question raised by President Obama during an interview in China (one of our biggest creditors), as cartoonists seized the opportunity to Full Article (1 comment)

Listening To Young Americans On The Deficit

You wouldn't think the bottom line on the $1.6 trillion federal budget deficit and $11.9 trillion national debt crisis could be summed up in a single sentence, but when the right words whizzed by, the Wall Street Journal's Tags:

Stimulated, But Worried (With Good Reason)

There was both joy and skepticism on Wall Street, as third quarter GDP figures showed growth in the U.S.

How Economic Insecurity is Pressuring Social Security

Here's a measure of both how important Social Security is and the problems it faces: the program will actually run a deficit over the next two years because fewer people are paying in and more are applying for benefits.

The Federal Budget's Pre-Existing Health Condition

With the latest grim set of federal deficit numbers out, critics are arguing that the government doesn't have the money to reform health care, and may have to put off the idea.

The Deficit: As Bad as Advertised

As expected, the White House and the Congressional Budget Office are out with new projections showing the annual deficit soaring to nearly $1.6 trillion and the

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