Public is Optimistic but Remains Divided on Nation's Budget Priorities

Media pollsters of late have noted the remarkable uptick in public optimism about the economy since President Obama's inauguration.

Recession Hammers Social Security Surplus

More bad news has emerged from last week's Congressional Budget Office report: the surplus in the Social Security trust fund is now expected to dramatically dwindle next year -- about seven years faster than in the CBO's projections issu

The Budget: Can We Pull This Off?

As the projections for the national debt keep going worse and worse, a lot of people are probably wondering one thing: Can we really get away with this?

Face To Face With The Deficit

At least you can't say the federal budget is a back-burner issue anymore. With President Obama projecting an unprecedented $1.75 trillion deficit and proposing significant changes in taxes and spending, you couldn't ignore the nation's budget problems if you tried.

Climbing the Summit to Talk About a Mountain of Debt

This is budget week in Washington, with President Obama's "fiscal responsibility summit" scheduled for today, a presidential speech Tuesday and a proposed budget to be submitted Thursday.

Here are a few things to watch out for:

Parade Of The Insolvent State Governments

Tracking The Trillions

A recent piece in Time Magazine acknowledges the sad truth: when it comes to numbers in the trillions, the human mind slips into brain freeze at a speed faster than a field of dry ice. But that doesn't mean we can't understand what's going on.

Uh-Oh: China Cuts Back On U.S. Debt

Everyone occasionally has spit-take moments over the morning news. For some people, the New York Times story, "China Losing Taste for Debt From U.S.," is one of them.

The Public, the Budget and Plain Speaking

A trillion-dollar deficit is scary. So is a possible second Great Depression. But scarier still would be trying to solve these problems without real input from the public.

The Crisis After This One

More and more economists are arguing that a global financial crisis isn't the time to worry about the federal deficit.

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