Facing Up Around The 50 States

My co-author Jean Johnson and I are glad to see this wire story about the NYC National Debt Clock running out of digits, because we were afraid it would pass without comment, given the global financial crisis.

Blogging the Debates: What the Candidates Won't Tell You about the Budget

The Wall Street bailout is giving a lot of people a dose of cold fiscal reality – but you wouldn't know it to listen to Barack Obama and John McCain. And a great way to see this refusal to face fiscal facts in action is to watch Public Agenda's comments on the Blogging the Debates project.

The Time for Fiscal Truth is Now

A new study shows that the public is capable of facing facts about the nation's fiscal problems – which is a good thing, because they're probably going to have to take a big bite of a reality sandwich in the coming week.

BlogWatch: The Mortgage Bailout, Deficits & Earmarks Galore

It would be impossible to commence this edition of the Facing Up BlogWatch without mentioning Public Agenda's insanely i

The Deficit Train Picks Up Steam

The latest projections show the federal government will have a more than $400 billion deficit this year. And next year. And the year after that.

Mortgage Bailout to Cost Taxpayers Billions

The federal government's decision to seize control of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac this weekend may stabilize the troubled housing markets, but it'll also add billions to the federal deficit.

BlogWatch: Social Security & Other Budgetary Debacles

With the discussion primarily focused on both the Democratic and the Republican national conventions, the blogosphere has been quite distracted. With that said, we were still able to dig up some interesting discussion about issues related the federal budget:

BlogWatch: Porkbusting, Earmarks Unlimited & Biden's Fiscal Record

With the Democratic National Convention coming to a wrap, it's important to note that the majority of the political blogosphere is focusing more on the Democrats than it is on the Republicans.

Debt: The Movie

Can a movie get people fired up about the national debt?

BlogWatch: U.S. Debt & Candidate Stances on Social Security

Facing Up's BlogWatch is your one-stop guide to the blogosphere's most impactful news related to the federal budget.  This is why we've partnered with VoteGopher, where our BlogWatch content will be republished on a regular basis. 

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