Essay by:
Aubrey Koeppe
Emporia State University

It’s time to get out the shovel, and fill the hole of debt America has created. The national debt for America was created by us spending significant amounts of money, and borrowing money from other countries to pay for our government budget. Even though we are in a great amount of debt, as of right now we aren’t in any dangers. However, if our debt continues to build we could run into problems,

In the recent years, one of the main occurrences that has been digging the hole deeper is the war. The cost of war so far has been over billions of dollars, and continues to grow each and every day.

The worst case scenario could occur if one of the countries who loaned us the money suddenly demand it back when obviously, our country does not have the means to do this. The worst thing that could happen is a war could begin. If the other country decides it’s time for the United States to pay them, and are angry that we are unable to do that, it is possible for a war. It’s not very likely that this will actually happen, but it should be kept in mind that anything could happen. Since our country loaned out so much money to other countries after World War II and never asked for any of it back, hopefully those we own money to now will keep that in mind, and buy us more time.

Another consequence of our national debt would be a total economic crash. This will effect many different things; the housing market has already been suffering a great deal. There could be another major stock market crash sending the country into another depression. Many businesses are closing, and millions are losing their jobs. It is already fairly hard to find work in some places, and that will only get worse. Something needs to be done to get our country back on track and out of the giant hole it’s in.

What needs to be done is a reform which is along the lines of budget cuts. However, this depends on what we are willing to cut: Medicare, Medicaid, education, defense, unemployment benefits, infrastructure, stop giving bailouts to companies, plus numerous other little projects. Unfortunately, no one wants to make any cuts. One of the things I would be willing to cut would be the infrastructures such as highways and utilities. In my town, there has been some recent construction involving traffic coming and going off of the highway. Also, I do a lot of traveling, and I tend to run into a lot of reconstructing of the highways that seem to be fine and durable. Ending the war would also be a huge money saver, but that is easier said than done. The war cannot end over night, and must be done with caution. Another thing to cut would be all of the little projects that Congressmen push for to make them more popular, but in reality probably aren’t of any benefit to us. Making drastic cuts does not seem like the answer, but by making smaller cuts to several groups for a while would cut back expenses tremendously.

The only down side to making budget cuts would be the effects it has on everyone. Some people will be effected negative, while others might not be effected at all. The trick to budget cuts is making sure people are still comfortable and can get along with their lives without troubles. If I had the answers to solve everything, I would gladly share them. Unfortunately, I don’t. And unfortunately, by making cuts not everyone will be satisfied. That’s where the trouble comes in with what to do.

It is quite apparent that America needs to start getting in gear. All of the debt our country is in will eventually catch up and effect everyone. Times may get hard by making cuts, but if they are made the right way, and planned out fully the hard times do not have to last forever. Everyone needs to make sacrifices and work together to help get our country back on track. We should each do our part and grab a shovel to help fill the hole our nations debt has created.

Re: Get the Shovel, and Start Filling

Your essay was very well written. I agree with you on the fact that our nation needs to do something in order to keep it out of this hole it is digging. But like you said we cannnot just automatically start doing things but rather slowly build up to making things better for our country.

amanda archer

Re: Get the Shovel, and Start Filling

Great job on your essay! I could definitely tell that you feel strongly about where our economy sits. I agree that things like the war take up a HUGE amount of money, and few people agree with the current war we are in. Like you said, anything can happen, even the most unlikely and with the great amount of debt we are already in, where else could we possibly turn to? No where. I have seen and read about all of the budget cuts that are being made and its unfortunate. Although some people may not directly see the effect of the budget cuts, many people do. However, I do not think that the government can make cuts while still making people feel comfortable and secure. I believe that everyone has at least some small fear of their business, job, or company being next on the line. Change should occur small and overtime, but really, how much time do we have?
-Jodi Herman

Re: Get the Shovel, and Start Filling

You made some great points in your essay! The idea of war and the money it costs was an aspect of the national debt that I have overlooked until I read your essay, and I agree we need to keep in mind that anything could happen at any time and the "hole" needes to be filled. I also liked how you pointed out that some will by unhappy when cuts are made to fill the debt, therefore a "happy middle" needs to be found to ensure no one is entirely put out by cuts that need to be made; it was another interesting perspective that I had not thought about. Overall great job!
-Stacy Beardslee

Re: Get the Shovel, and Start Filling

You have a very nice well written essay! I understand your thoughts and opinions of our nation's debt. People do need to take part and undo the debt. You have a very catchy title and ending sentence!

Rachel Meinholdt

Re: Get the Shovel, and Start Filling

We definately need to trim the fat off our spending. Great idea using the shovel to help fill the hole of debt.

Re: Get the Shovel, and Start Filling

I thought the title of your essay reall grabbed my attention. However, the line where you said "we aren't in any danger" took me off guard. We are in danger, in fact, i think we are in more danger then what alot of us know. Rise in domestic violence has increased due to the domestic shelters having little or no money to take battered women. Those women are in a lot of danger. I also feel that the whole economic crises is putting me in danger. I may not have a place to live or may not be able to afford food in the near future. That's something i consider very dangerous. Of course the situation effects us all differently, this is just my perspective on the crises. I do think you wrote down some facts about about the national debt! It's very important for everyone to know what is happening and what can potentially happen to us! Well written!
-Jessie Ross

Re: Get the Shovel, and Start Filling

I like the analogy you used in your title and first sentence to demonstrate how deep a hole our nation's economy is literally in. I feel that many people overlook the severity of our nation's problems, so I was really happy that you pointed out that even though we don't feel the immediate effects right now, we will definitely suffer if our economy continues to downfall. The idea of making budget cuts is good, and like you said, they will have to start as small ones in order to keep a stable lifestyle. Good job!

Toni Herman

Re: Get the Shovel, and Start Filling

The organization of your essay was well written. It was easy to follow and I understood the problems and the possible solutions. I think you have some great idea but like you said it needs to happen slowly we are not going to be able to fix this one overnight. good job...Miranda Meyer

Re: Get the Shovel, and Start Filling

I totally agree with you that we all need to make sacrifices to get the country back on track. I think we, the "little people" are already doing this. How do you propose we get the fat cats to do the same? You wrote a very good essay, and I agree with a lot of your views and ideas. Good work. -DeZ

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