Essay by:
Abigail Burleson
Emporia State University

“And to preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude.” Thomas Jefferson, one of the greatest presidents in the history of this great country said this in one of his speeches. Perpetual debt is exactly what the people of this nation are facing each and every day. There are many causes for the debt and many more consequences. Solutions to solve this growing problem, is what the United States is lacking.

The national debt is a little over twelve trillion dollars. Many Americans cannot even comprehend what a trillion would look like, but yet the national government keeps borrowing money as they spend more at an increasing rate. There are many causes for this problem. I believe that the government does not see the consequences of all of this spending and instead of stopping the problem now, they just add on to it. War is also a big reason why the spending is so high. The government also sees a solution to the problem in cutting the budget for other things that this nation really needs. A couple of the things that they have recently cut budgets on are health care and education. For each war that breaks out in the world, the United States government puts in more and more money to help out these other countries without seeing the consequences that are occurring at home. These consequences are numerous and never seem to end.

For every dollar that is spent, there is another person suffering. The consequences of the national debt are felt nation wide by everyone. Our social security has disappeared because our government could not control the money. We have increasing health care when other countries have government run healthcare in which the citizens are not responsible for any of the bills. The United States of America has more and more people living on the streets because they cannot get jobs or afford anything. The generations that are hit the hardest by the debt are the younger generations because the funding for education keeps getting cut more and more. Education is an important part of finding a job and the government just does not see this when they decide that they are going to cut back on spending. This is where we as citizens should raw the line. The younger generations are the future of this nation and we are just going to sit back and allow funding for their education to be cut?

Solutions are what this world needs and there are many solutions to this problem. This nation has been led into debt my many generations of people and it would only take one person to propose the solution and implement it to get the nation on the right track out of debt. I believe that one way to control debt is to allow the government to control health care. This would allow the prices to lower because the competition would be eliminated and all of the money that would be made would go back to the people through government spending. Access to healthcare is one thing that most Americans worry about on a day-to-day basis because there are so many choices but yet so many limitations. The government could also control the banks. Although the people do not want to be under full control of the government, if the government controlled the banking system more there would be fewer problems. Government run banks would eliminate the competition in banks and could ultimately eliminate interest rates because the interest would be the same at all banks. This would eliminate sub-prime rates and allow the government more money to start paying off debt to other countries. The United States is one of the most powerful nations in the world but yet we are weakened by our inability to stop spending money.

This nation is in a serious crisis because no one has spoken out about the budget. It would only take one voice to speak loud enough to give this nation the turn around that it needs. There are many causes and consequences of the twelve trillion dollar national debt but it is the solutions that everyone should be searching for and expressing. A lower national debt would allow for more spending in healthcare and education. The younger generations deserve a full opportunity to get the education they desire. There is no reason why the government should hinder the ability of a young person to dream of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or even the next president of the United States. This world needs to take a step back and look at their priorities because right now they are all wrong, we should value our old and our young and allow the people of this great nation full opportunities to dream big. My dream for this nation is to get the debt down below one billion dollars.

Re: Hindering the Youth with Debt

This is similar to the paper right before this because they both discuss how someone needs to take action in order for things to change!

Re: Hindering the Youth with Debt

I love your title, and I love how you started this! The quote really made a special impact in your paper!

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