Essay by:
Addison Canidy
Emporia State University

I know why America is not recession proof. It’s because we the people that make up America are not good stewards of our money. There has been an over whelming flux of “recession talk” the past couple years. However I believe that I am not a participant of the recession of America because I have positioned myself to not be affected by this nation’s situation. I believe that if the American people were good stewards of money this would be the ideal time to buy the things that could establish their lives and walk in the American Dream. For example we have seen a major decrease in real estate and automobile prices that have been downright shocking. When thinking about it, if we as a nation would have saved our money and sacrificed what we wanted a few years back we would be able to get everything we wanted as a product of this recession.

I believe that this should be a wakeup call to all Americans that nothing is guaranteed to us, and that we should begin to understand that not even the most powerful nation in the world is a sure thing. Our money should be working for us right now and not us working for money. There has been an influx of home foreclosures and if people were handling their money correctly all the foreclosures would be occupied by the people that have done so. People expect their salaries to go up in order for them to be able to buy a dream house but we are now in a time were salaries have not went up but the prices of things has went down. People have depended on jobs, 401k’s, stocks and bonds and all of the government systems and everyone has forgotten to depend on themselves to become recession proof.

Re: I am Recession proof

I really like your ideas on how our economy could deal with this recession. America does need a wakeup call!

Re: I am Recession proof

I agree that America has been greedy in the past and now we're paying for it as a nation.

However, I wish you would have gone into more depth about how you're recession proof. It's hard for me to see how anyone living here cannot, in some way, be affected by our economy.

Re: I am Recession proof

I agree a wake up call is needed for everybody!! And that is a good point that we our money to work FOR us not the other way around!

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