Welcome to FacingUp.org, the home of the Facing Up to the Nation’s Finances initiative, a unique partnership of organizations that differ on many issues but agree that the federal government is headed for a financial meltdown unless it gets its act together. We want to provide a platform for everyone, including the people who often don’t get involved in political debates, to find out more about this critical problem, how it affects them, and how they can work together on solutions.


A good place to start is Why it Matters, where you’ll find the basic information on the scope of the financial problem, why it’s happening and how it could affect you. Why it Matters is also the place to start considering our options. FacingUp uses an approach called "choicework," which lays out several broad options for attacking a problem, each with the potential advantages and disadvantages. Choiceworks aren’t designed to be the final word on a problem or a plan for action per se, but they are helpful in thinking over the alternatives. You can also keep track of the debate with our Facing Up blog and find out the best places to learn more in our Resources section.


Those choices lead naturally to the Discuss section, where you can talk over problems and work on solutions with other people who care about this issue. As Facing Up moves forward, we’ll work to bring together people from all over the country to put this problem on the national agenda.


The Act section is where you can start putting the ideas from the Discuss section into practice. The actions we’ve got now are just a starting point – as the discussion progresses, we’ll have more actions contributed by Facing Up participants. We’d like to hear from you!

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