Essay by:
Christine E. Fraker
Emporia State University

We have learned in our economics classes that the greatest debt to our country came during World War II. Since then, we have recognized that the debt exists, but that is it. They have attempted to fix the problem now but the attempts have failed. Our government has all-in-all done nothing to even attempt to mend this huge and growing responsibility.

As users of consumer credit, we as a people are expected to pay back any or all debt that is owed to a specific company who has given us a line of credit. If not, the collection agencies come running for our doors. On a bigger scale, the United States is in a huge debt that we have no intention of paying back right now. Why should our government as a whole be responsible for the spending and borrowing they do? They say most of it goes to the people. I can say with some confidence that there are few people in this country that feel the benefit of this spending directly. It is used to fund our government and its ideas of what is important to the people. My greatest problem with this issue is that what the people see as important spending and what the government sees as important spending tend to be completely different. The legislative and executive branches of our dear democracy are said to represent we citizens. How often do you hear of someone getting something passed through the United States Legislature that a citizen provoked? Not very often is the answer to that question. Well, that is where these essays and multimedia essays come in. We are giving America a voice.

I think the first place to start, in order to reform, is to re-evaluate our priorities. I think number one on this list should be making out a long term plan to start paying back this large amount of debt so that I does not get so far out of hand (as if it has not already) that the future generations of this country do not have to repeat the past. The Great Depression was not only a huge turning point in our history but it was a lesson learned as well. It was a red flag that says “HERE IS WHAT NOT TO DO”. Since then, we have been through many other hardships, maybe not as difficult as they could be but if we do not do something soon, bad things will happen as they have before.

The second thing I think should be on that list is a way to get the American people to begin spending again. A stimulus package is not the answer as far as I am concerned. I think the stimulus is a good idea for right now but that money hardly ever goes directly back into our economy. It goes to credit card and financial corporations that somehow need bailed out because they are close to going bankrupt. You do not see the government bailing out the small hometown business that have been affected by this recession, why do the big corporations deserve it anymore than they do? The American people right now are afraid to invest in the stock market because they think it might crash. Well the only way it will crash is if there is not anyone there to buy stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds. We control our own financial destiny but we refuse because we have been infused with fear.

Finally, I think our legislature should start listening to its people more than it ever has. If they were to actually sit down and listen to those who have an opinion about what should be done with our spending and the laws that should be enforced, they may actually get insight into the minds of the people they are representing. They cannot get the whole idea by sticking a question on a ballot and giving the people specific choices. I think the American Government has lost faith in its people and instead of listening, they decide what is best in their minds, not what is best in ours. We are the ones living with the decisions the lawmakers make, they are hardly affected by such issues.

Thus, our government has all-in-all done nothing to even attempt to mend this huge and growing responsibility. I think they should rearrange our priorities, try to regain trust from the people, and listen to the people more than they ever have before. If you put faith in the people, they will put their faith in you.
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Re: Reform? Yes Please!

Great essay. I definitely agree that the government should start listening to the people more. Then maybe we could figure out a solid solution to this debt.

Re: Reform? Yes Please!

Nice essay! Your title stood out as demanding to me, which was a good thing. I agree with you on how the government should start listening to the people and maybe then they could make wiser decisons. Afterall we are the people who make this country what it is, the least they could do is listen to us.

Amanda Archer

Re: Reform? Yes Please!


I enjoyed this essay, especially since you have mentioned that a stimulus package is not the answer, but people need to continue to spend. Though do remember, although that will stimulate our economy, many people are already in debt up to their foreheads, and it may not be advantageous for some. Perhaps it is education on how to spend money and where to invest it is the key.

Again, great wordage! I enjoyed this essay!

-Ryan Wilson

Re: Reform? Yes Please!

Great essay! My attention as well was caught by your title. It was great to read about how strongly you feel about the state of the economy and the work, or lack there of, from the government. I agree that the Great Depression was a huge turning point in our history and should be used a big red caution sign in our current society. Many people fear we will repeat history, but if we can make a change now for the long term hopefully this will not happen. I also agree that the governemnt should let the people have a voice. Although I'm sure its much easier just to decide amongst themselves, how will they ever truly know what the people they are governing are concerned about? Priorities do need to be set and I believe that will be one of the biggest turning points in creating change in our economy.
-Jodi Herman

Re: Reform? Yes Please!


You've made an impassioned plea for sanity here that I think resonates with many of our peers. Yes, we absolutely do need to reorder our priorities. Yes, the Great Depression served as an example that perhaps we, in our greed, idleness, or both, have forgotten.

However, I would argue that it is not the government that needs to listen closer, but the citizens that need to speak up, and do so in an educated, meaningful way. Pork exists because it gets votes. Our legislators are in power because we put them there. Our executive enforces the laws our legislature passes. The burden is not on the government, but on us to be educated participants in our own governance.

You make a good argument, to whom should you be making it?

Benjamin J. Howard
Emporia State University
Major: Social Sciences

Re: Reform? Yes Please!

I completely agree with the entire essay! You have some really strong opinions and you did a wonderful job of representing them. I especially agree with the officials needing to listen to the people.

Re: Reform? Yes Please!

I agree that because of the bailed out, investing on the stock market is not as good as before. Also, as many people said, it is time for the government to listen to its citizens. Without listening to the voice of its citizens, the government will keep losing its faith from them.


Re: Re: Reform? Yes Please!

I say this to anyone who would listen. I agree that the American people need to speak up, but if no one's listening, nothing will get done. I cannot say I agree with you when you say the burden is not with the government. We vote for the people who are willing to run and then we have to pick from those people. The people who get the votes are not always the right people for the job but since majority wins, those who disagree do not really have a choice. There will always be people with different thoughts and ideas but the fact of the matter is, many people are scared of the repercussions if they speak out. The popular vote always wins.

To quote Voltaire: “It requires ages to destroy a popular opinion”

-*Christine Fraker*-

Re: Reform? Yes Please!

Great ideas and very well put views. I really agree with what you say about the government spending money on what they think is important and it not really helping the people. I loved this essay. Good job!-DeZ

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