Essay by:
Gary Lenoir
Emporia St. University

When talking about the budget crisis alot of people are illuterate to the fact. As the up and coming generation we need to take time to find out what going with our economy. I know the people I know are aware that we are going trhough a recession but they keep hearing that it's going to be okay so they don't worry about it. People of this generation don't relize that what's going on right now willl affect us the most in the long run. The way things are going right now our generation won't be able to retire, people need to hear things like this. I believe we need to stop doing careless spending, it's time to invest our money in things that will be worth something in the future. The most important thing to me is to educate people about what's going on. It is up to us as a generation to do so because the goverment will hide it as long as they can until we reach a depression. I think the goverment will do so because they don't want the country to panic, we are the U.S.A. and were suppose to be able to handle anything. What I want to do is start on the street by telling everybody I know so they can be more aware so they can start preparing for the future and hopefully they past the word on. Thats why I call this paper Spread the Word. People need to relize what they do can also affect other people. Hopefully this generation comes together and will be able to leave a positive mark in history.

Re: Spread the Word

I agree with you ideas! I believe that we all need to be educated in order to help make a difference in OUR future. Great ideas!

Re: Spread the Word

I agree that it is time to start really thinking about what is going on. If we do not watch we wont have the money we think we think we have!

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