Students Face Up to the Nation's Finances

Fall 2008 Contest Winners

Winners Chosen By The Judges

Best Essay: The $500 prize goes to Mallory Livingston of Emporia State University in Kansas, for "Our Generation and the Impact of America's Growing National Debt." Kudos to Mallory for a great job explaining the mushrooming and serious nature of the nation's fiscal crisis and the kinds of things we'll have to do to create a climate in which we can even begin to solve the problem of the federal budget deficit and the national debt.

Best Video: The $500 prize will be split by John O'Malley and Will Son, of the University of Pennsylvania, for "Man on the Street 2: Facts and Figures," an excellent slice of life on campus talking to students about the federal budget and national debt, serving up a few shockers and surprises along the way.

Peer Prize Winners, Chosen In A Popular Vote By Registered Users Of Facingup.Org

Best Essay: There was a tie in votes in this category, so the the winners will split the $500 Peer Prize for Best Essay. They are: Amber Dawn Vanderhofe, Emporia State University, for "Resolutions for the National Debt," in which she outlines some suggestions, and Mallory Livingston, Emporia State University, for "Our Generation and the Impact of America's Growing National Debt." Note: for Mallory, this prize is in addition to the $500 Best Essay prize awarded by our judges, for a total of $750, making her our Grand Prize Winner.

Best Video: The $500 prize goes to Teelah Churchill of Lyndon State College, in Lyndonville, Vermont, for "National Debt," a fast-paced trip through analysis of the problem and student opinions on the subject.

Congratulations to all our winners and their professors, and our thanks to all who entered. Your contributions contained a lot of interesting observations and suggestions on this serious problem which is shaping our future as each digit whizzes by on the budget deficit and national debt.

We hope to see some of you trying again in the spring semester. Stay tuned to for updates on our next contest, as well as interactive additions and more new things in the Students Face Up to the Nation's Finances curriculum.

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