Forest, Trees & The Federal Budget

Vast amounts of analysis are pouring out across the Internet today about President Obama's new budget, so much that it's hard for anyone not versed in the issue to keep up.

The Three Questions for the Public on the Federal Budget

It may sound like mindless optimism at the moment, but there are actually signs of hope for the federal budget. Those signs aren’t in the numbers themselves – the long-term fiscal projections are as bleak as ever.

Listening To Young Americans On The Deficit

You wouldn't think the bottom line on the $1.6 trillion federal budget deficit and $11.9 trillion national debt crisis could be summed up in a single sentence, but when the right words whizzed by, the Wall Street Journal's Tags:

Degrees Of Bad News

The official federal deficit numbers won't be out until next week, but based on this AP story we can already anticipate one point of confusion that makes it harder for the public to deal with this issue.

Declining Taxes, Tougher Choices

We've already posed the question of "Where does the money go?" but what does the federal government do when the money doesn't show up in the first place?

Trusting the Trust Funds

Fortune magazine's cover story on Social Security is today's must-read budget article, and while you can quarrel with their stance that the program will need a "bailout," the story makes a vital point, which is that Social Security's troubles are much closer than most people think

Helping the Public Sort Through Health Care

Health care is the most talked-about topic in Washington this week, but is all the talk actually helping people come to grips with this issue?

Clipping the Raptor, Trimming the Budget

The Senate's decision to stop funding for F-22 Raptor fighters is a victory for the Obama administration, but it also serves as an object lesson in how much work it takes to make cuts in the federal budget.

Paygo: Useful, but Not Nearly Enough

President Obama's announcement that he'll support so-called "pay as you go" legislation is getting most of the coverage today, but if you care about the federal deficit and national debt,

The Latest Tally

There's no shortage of depressing numbers in the news today, but one set of numbers in particular deserves to be flagged.

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