Essay by:
sayaka sensui
Emporia state University

The United States have 12.1 trillion dollar of national debt this year. It has been increasing from 1970. The federal debt has never decreased. The problem will probably be carried over to the next generation. Now, we need to reconsider about it.

Social Security, National defense and Medicare, these categories hold the most significant part of the budget of the United States. First, we have to look over again very carefully which budget could be curtailed. However, the population of America is heading to an aging society. It will involve a more outlay for health care.

How do we resolve the problem? In my opinion, we extremely need to raise the employment rate. The unemployment rate in the Unites States for 2009 is over 10 percent. It has been remarkably higher from 2000 to 2009. Higher education is very important to decrease the unemployment of rate. The compulsory education should improve for people who could more easily take a higher education. People who are employed more increase; it will more procure funds for the budget of the Unites States.

As I mention before, the United States is heading an aging society. We should suppose to have more young people than old people for supporting health care for every old people take the service. So, the government should provide better situation for child to increase young population.

This is my real opinion. If the all of the world would be peace, we could undoubtedly reduce the budget of National defense. I hope this is the best of opinion.

Re: This is my opinion.

I agree that medicare and social security are one of the "problems", but to say that National defence is a problem is a touch harsh. My boyfreinds is in the National Guard and has fought overseas. I think it is important to support those that we have sent overseas. I know that war is not a favorable option but at the same time I do not know that there will never be some sort of war. It sometimes in our own seats. The National Gaurd helps places that have been hit with national disasters and we need to be able to support the gaurd and those people.

Re: This is my opinion.

I agree with the comment above. I think that people today blame too much on the national guard and not on the real problem at state. The one statement in this paper that really hit me was how to resolve this problem, increase the employment rate.

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