Essay by:
Miranda Blazek
Emporia State University

In this time of crisis we look to our president, our neighbors, and our families. But rarely do we look to ourselves for the answer. As a group we struggle to maintain our unity but individually we struggle to maintain so much more than that. We strive to maintain our homes, our possessions, and our stability. The federal debt crisis grabs a hold of us, trying to strangle the life from us. Even though it has yet to conquer us, we must only give it time. The only way to fight this atrocity is to look within ourselves to find the answer.

This time of supply and demand has taken us all by storm. We spend when we least have the money, save when we should not and take when we should give back. It is hard to resist the urge to follow the group, to jump on the bandwagon and go along for the ride. Each hill we traverse and each dip we come across seems to make us stronger but it only weakens us by giving the false illusion of security. Instead of flocking together we should each individually work on our own. Though it is hard to imagine our country that is united through spirit and courage to divide itself, we must. It is the only plan of action we can take to stop the federal debt from rising to the heavens.

The federal debt had been around and growing for years that it is simply a staple of our lives. Hardly do we think about it and when we do we blame it on others, such as the government. We blame their spending, their over-the-top ideas. Truthfully though, the lowly blue-collar farm worker or even the high executive with a cushy job are to blame. The reason for this is the simple fact that none of us really believe the federal debt crisis can ever touch us. Since the Great Depression, individuals believe they are stable. Even when we are on the brink of total destruction, we find a way to make it through unscathed. Or so we think. Though we have had recent times of crisis, we still manage to make it through the tunnel and hardly look back to the ruin we have created. This high level of seemingly immortality is what has given us the false sense of security and keeps any individual from realizing that they are the true problem

To overcome this crisis of the times, we must separate from the group. We must act individually. As a group, we are too confident in our abilities, to sure of our future. As individuals we are much more aware of our mortality. It is in we stop and look back in the proverbial tunnel that we realize just how much destruction we have left in our wake. And for just a moment, we think, ‘Where do we go from here?’

Truthfully, there is no single solution to this problem that plague’s our country. Though we seemingly have our individuality in our separate opinions, we are really just a part of a small group, separate from others groups with different ideas. These ideas do have weight, the opinions of every group matter. But no group is large enough to simplify or even eradicate the problem. Again, we must separate so completely that we take responsibility for our own actions and ideas. We must become unique. In that exclusivity, we develop more ideas, more ways to help with our crisis. As said before, there is no single solution, and working in groups does not seem to help because though there are several ideas floating around, individuals are the only way to put those plans into motion.

Several of the ideas that have surfaced recently are to pay back the debt by raising taxes. Other ideas include simple pulling out of other countries to deal with the problems back home and even just ignoring the problem and eventually it will all work itself out in time. Each of these ideas does hold weight, but does one ever really see them being taken into action? No. Because, once again, there is no specific individual that wants to break away from the group to actually start the plan.

This all seems like a grandiose plan. How is it even possible to separate a single entity from a group, give them enough courage to go out on their own and enough stamina to actually see a plan through? Simply put, we must act. Now, I am not saying that we must separate forever from the group of our country, but we must separate long enough to actually get the ideas going. If we are able to do this, to actually become individuals and assess our own, unique problems, then there will be at few that will suddenly have a ‘Eureka’ moment and start their campaign to end this horrible problem. Once there plans are under way, only then can we merge back into a group to keep the plans moving, to give them weight to follow through. If we do not start working individually, eventually we are going to lose all hope and every natural thing we know about our society will disintegrate until there is nothing left. So go out there, become an individual, become the one idea we need.

Re: Where Do We Go From Here

Your comment, "No. Because, once again, there is no specific individual that wants to break away from the group to actually start the plan." This is great because it is so true! someone needs to take a plan of action!

Re: Where Do We Go From Here

I like you first few sentences of your second paragraph! It is so very true, but I do not think we really think about it.

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