Essay by:
Nancy Marie Fisackerly
Emporia State University

Will there be a light at the end of this crisis?

The Nation's federal budget is constantly changing. The United States will most likely never recover from the debt they are currently in. The economy is struggling and many Americans can not keep up. The United States continuously tries to help its allies and other countries, while we fail to help ourselves. If the nation can not provide for itself, then what good is it doing?

I feel the government needs to take a step back and look at the reality of the situation the U.S. is in. They need to come up with a way the big businessmen and wealthy can help those in poverty. It is ridiculous how many people suffer in this nation due to a lack of the government's regulations. Our budget needs to implement more education and healthcare, and cut back on military costs. I understand the world is in war right now and America has been threatened, but millions of dollars and lives have been wasted due to the poor decision making of those in government. When will enough be enough? America is one of the most underprivileged countries and looked down upon by others.

I feel like we have turned into a country that strives to be the most powerful and feared. Our president claims he will make a change, but will he be capable of making America as successful and great as it once was? He can not do it on his own, it takes help and sacrifice from everyone. Even me, as a citizen I have the responsibility of trying to make this country better by not breaking the law and giving generously to others in need when I can. Can you look at yourself and say you honestly try to help make this world better? If you can not then how can you expect it to change. I believe if you expect change, you have to first change yourself. If those in government can not look past their own needs and wants then this country will continue to suffer.

Some other ideas for helping the budget are to not give so much excess welfare to those who have no use for it and to cut back on spending to care for people that break the law. Many people receive things like food stamps and free daycare when they can not even put it to good use. The government just throws something at the less fornunate in an attempt to get them to shut up and leave them alone. If they tried to listen occasionally they could actually improve many people’s situations. Also if the government was not so quick just to throw everyone who breaks a law in jail, but to make them pay for their mistakes and not hold the taxpayers in this country accountable. I know how it feels to have a family member in jail, my mom was there and it is the hardest thing in my life I have had to deal with. It is not fair those who do the right thing should have to suffer for those who do wrong and get to set around and watch the world go by. They should have to pay their own debt off and help society instead of staying locked up in a room.

After all this, I do think our budget will get better. It could take decades, but the economy will be at its worst before it bounces back. Things like the unemployment rate will recover and the families struggling to make it by will pull through. Americans are strong individuals and I have full confidence our government will turn around and become a better institution.

Re: Will there be a light at the end of this crisis?

great job marie! you did an amazing job! you have great insights into this problem that we are all facing!

Abby Burleson

Re: Will there be a light at the end of this crisis?

I really like how you have a positive attitude on this situation. You say how you feel, but you really do not critize that much. Things will recover and struggling families will improve, it will just take some time!

Re: Will there be a light at the end of this crisis?

We help so many other people and other places I agree that the United States is over looked. We are almost more worried what other places will think of us and do not always take the time to ask Americans.
The president will need help because we have a little more debt then we used to. To say he can change all on his own is silly.
I think you hit all the hight points for helping the nations debt. IT TAKES EVERYONE!

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